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Now a days there are many learning options available to .NET developers. But if you are looking for more structured, code focused, and down-to-earth learning experience we would be happy to help. Instructor-led online courses for individuals and small groups conducted by Bipin Joshi. Find upcoming schedule below. Get in touch with our web team for registration and more details.

Instructor-led Online Course Schedule

Course DetailsStatus
Programming ASP.NET Core 2.2
Dates :   3, 10, 17, 24 February 2019, 3 March 2019
Timing :   9 AM to 3 PM (IST)
Mode :   Five Sundays | Online
Fees :   Rs. 12,000 per participant (USD 210)
Registration Open
Programming Angular 7
Dates :   2, 9, 16, 23 February 2019, 2 March 2019
Timing :   9 AM to 3 PM (IST)
Mode :   Five Saturdays | Online
Fees :   Rs. 12,000 per participant (USD 210)
Registration Open
Programming ASP.NET Core 2.2
Dates :   30 December 2018, 6, 13, 20, 27 January 2019
Timing :   9 AM to 3 PM (IST)
Mode :   Five Sundays | Online
Fees :   Rs. 12,000 per participant (USD 210)
Programming ASP.NET MVC 5
Dates :   29 December 2018, 5, 12, 19, 26 January 2019
Timing :   9 AM to 3 PM (IST)
Mode :   Five Saturdays | Online
Fees :   Rs. 12,000 per participant (USD 210)

Salient Features

Quality training at reasonable fees
Training by expert having 24+ years of real-world experience
Lots of hands-ons with real-world examples
Small groups / One-to-One to ensure personal attention and quality
Certificate of course completion
Convenient weekend schedules for working professionals
FREE after training support through dedicated discussion forum

About the Trainer ~ Bipin Joshi

  • Real-world experience of 24+ years in software development, consulting, and training
  • Author and co-author of many .NET and a few Yoga books
  • Founder, author, and webmaster of BinaryIntellect Knowledge Base and Ajapa Yoga
  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
  • Former Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
  • Yoga mentor and spiritual guide

System Requirements

  • Internet connected PC or Laptop
  • Headset with microphone
  • Visual Studio 2017 Community OR higher
  • SQL Server 2017 Developer OR Express edition

Registration Process

Step 1 - Fill the enquiry form
Step 2 - Wait for our approval
Step 3 - We check your software installation
Step 4 - Pay the complete course fees

Latest Additions to our Knowledge Base

Implement JWT Authentication in ASP.NET Core APIs
If you developed web applications using ASP.NET before, chances are you are already familiar with cookie authentication. Although cookie based authentication is still available under ASP.NET Core, JSON Web Token or JWT based authentication is becoming more and more common. To that end this article aims at introducing you to JWT and JWT based authentication.
Posted On : 21 Jan 2019
Add ASP.NET Core projects to GitHub using Visual Studio 2019
If you a beginner in ASP.NET Core, you might have wondered as to how newly created projects can be placed under a GitHub repository. In this article we will see the overall steps and configuration to do so. You will get an idea about how GitHub can be integrated in Visual Studio 2019.
Posted On : 14 Jan 2019
Send emails in ASP.NET Core in 5 easy steps
Sending emails is a common requirement in ASP.NET Core web applications. In this article we will learn how to send emails with attachments using a popular and open source component - MailKit. Let's get going.
Posted On : 07 Jan 2019
Implement Two-way Data Binding in JavaScript
One of the fundamental features of modern JavaScript libraries and frameworks is data binding. The data binding features offered by them allows you to keep model and view in sync. Did you ever wonder how something similar can be implemented in plain JavaScript? If so this article shows you one such simple yet working implementation. Although simple implementation as discussed in this article is not intended to substitute what is offered by these libraries and frameworks, it will certainly give you a glimpse of how data binding might be implemented if needed.
Posted On : 31 Dec 2018
Deploy ASP.NET Core Web Applications to Azure in 5 Easy Steps
In one of my previous articles I discussed how easy it is to deploy an ASP.NET Core web application to IIS. Now a days more and more people are going for cloud platforms for their ting needs. So, it would be worthwhile to know how to deploy an ASP.NET Core web application to Azure. To that end this article outlines the basic steps to accomplish the task.
Posted On : 24 Dec 2018
Aggregate Multiple RSS Feeds in ASP.NET Core
At times you also need to aggregate multiple feeds into a new feed. This is a case when you have a network of websites and you wish to expose content from all of them into a single feed. You might also have many feeds for individual content categories and want the end user to either get individual feeds or a combined feed. To that end this article discusses how to aggregate multiple RSS feeds in ASP.NET Core.
Posted On : 17 Dec 2018
Store user options using enumeration, bitwise operators, and EF Core
At times you need to store a set of options, settings, or choices for a user. A common approach is to create three tables - Users, Options, and UserOptions - to store the data involved. However, you can also use an alternate approach that involves enumerations, bitwise operators, and EF core value converters. To that end this article discusses such an approach with an example.
Posted On : 10 Dec 2018
Use MongoDB in ASP.NET Core (Part - 2, CRUD operations)
In Part 1 of this article we discussed how to perform CRUD operations using MongoDB console client. In this part we will learn to perform CRUD operations using ASP.NET Core and MongoDB driver for .NET Core.
Posted On : 03 Dec 2018
Use MongoDB in ASP.NET Core (Part - 1)
Now a days NoSQL databases are not uncommon. One such popular database is MongoDB. MongoDB is an open source and cross platform database that allows you to store data in the form of documents. This article series illustrates how MongoDB can be used in ASP.NET Core applications.
Posted On : 26 Nov 2018
ASP.NET Core 2.1 : Instructor-led Online Course in December - January
Master all the essential skills required to develop professional web apps using ASP.NET Core family of technologies. Instructor-led online course with lots of guided hands-on examples and demos. Carefully crafted course content for working professionals. Click here to know the course schedule and more details. Conducted by Bipin Joshi on weekends.
Posted On : 26 Nov 2018

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