Ajapa Meditation for Software Developers

Build your personal meditation routine step-by-step for calm and clear mind, improved focus, and blissful inner connection.

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Software development is not just about coding and debugging. It's also about thinking and analyzing with a clear mind and sharp intellect. No wonder yoga and meditation has become a favorite choice for many software developers and IT professionals in these days full of stress, worries, and uncertainty. If you too are looking to add meditation to your fitness routine these personal guidance and mentoring sessions are for you.

If you are wondering whether Ajapa Meditation is for you or not consider practicing the basic technique as outlined in the Quick Start Guide here.
  • Genuine interest in learning meditation as per the classical yoga system of India
  • Willingness to spare at least 20 to 30 minutes every day for practicing the techniques taught
  • Familiarity with chanting Sanskrit Mantras and Stotras will be advantageous
Duration :
Total 10+ hrs.

Fees :
Fees for this course are Rs. 2,500 per participant
  • Build your meditation kit
  • Kundalini, Chakras, and a meditation technique to balance their energy
  • SoHam Meditation
  • HamSah Meditation
  • Utilizing meditation as a tool to fulfill your life goals
  • Essential mudras to enhance your meditation practice
  • Practice review and doubt solving