Design Patterns with Real-World Examples

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Learn to develop professional web apps using time proven software patterns and principles - SOLID, GoF, PoEAA, and more. Now with fresh set of examples specifically for ASP.NET Core 2+ and C# 7.

In this instructor-led online course you will learn to :

  • Understand Gang of Four (GoF) catalog
  • Understand Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (PoEAA) catalog
  • Apply SOLID principles of object oriented design
  • Use important Gang of Four design patterns
  • Implement select patterns of enterprise app architecture
  • Integrate patterns and principles in ASP.NET Core apps

Software versions used in this course :

  • ASP.NET Core 2+
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • SQL Server
  • Working knowledge of ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core with C# as the programming language is absolutely necessary.
  • Knowledge of basic object oriented concepts such as classes, inheritance and interfaces is required.
Duration :
Total 30+ hrs.

Fees :
Fees for this course are Rs. 15,000 per participant (USD 250).
  • Overview of OO Principles and Practices
    • C# Object Oriented Programming
    • SOLID Principles
    • Benefits of using patterns and practices
  • SOLID Principles of OO programming
    • Single Responsibility Principle
    • Open / Close Principle
    • Liskov Substitution Principle
    • Interface Segregation Principle
    • Dependency Inversion Principle
  • Organization of Design Patterns
    • Gang of Four (GoF) patterns
    • Creational Patterns
    • Structural Patterns
    • Behavioral Patterns
    • Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
  • Creational Design Patterns
    • Singleton Pattern
    • Abstract Factory Pattern
    • Factory Pattern
    • Builder Pattern
  • Structural Design Patterns
    • Facade Pattern
    • Decorator Pattern
    • Adapter Pattern
    • Bridge Pattern
    • Proxy Pattern
  • Behavioral Design Patterns
    • Observer Pattern
    • Chain of Responsibility Pattern
    • Mediator Pattern
    • Strategy Pattern
    • Template Method Pattern
  • Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
    • Understanding the PoEAA catalog
    • Repository Pattern
    • Unit of Work
    • Lazy Loading
    • Service Layer

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