SOLID Principles and Design Patterns

Learn to apply SOLID principles of object oriented design and design patterns to your ASP.NET Core web applications

DescriptionPrerequisitesDuration & FeesContent
Learn to develop professional web apps using time proven software patterns and principles - SOLID, GoF, PoEAA, and more.

In this instructor-led online course you will learn to :

  • Understand Gang of Four (GoF) catalog
  • Understand Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (PoEAA) catalog
  • Apply SOLID principles of object oriented design
  • Use important Gang of Four design patterns
  • Implement select patterns of enterprise app architecture
  • Integrate patterns and principles in ASP.NET Core apps
  • Working knowledge of ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core with C# as the programming language is absolutely necessary.
  • Knowledge of basic object oriented concepts such as classes, inheritance and interfaces is required.
Duration :
Total 30+ hrs.

Fees :
Fees for this course are Rs. 12,000 per participant (USD 210).

At BinaryIntellect we follow a real-world example based approach in our training programs. Each example is a small yet independent and working Visual Studio project and is based on a real-world scenario. The example demonstrates how to use a technical feature under consideration.

Here is a list of some of the projects you will develop as a part of this course :

Project 01 : Single Responsibility Principle
Project 02 : Open / Close Principle
Project 03 : Liskov Substitution Principle
Project 04 : Interface Segregation Principle
Project 05 : Dependency Inversion Principle
Project 06 : Singleton Pattern
Project 07 : Abstract Factory Pattern
Project 08 : Factory Pattern
Project 09 : Builder Pattern
Project 10 : Code reuse techniques
Project 11 : Facade Pattern
Project 12 : Decorator Pattern
Project 13 : Adapter Pattern
Project 14 : Bridge Pattern
Project 15 : Proxy Pattern
Project 16 : Observer Pattern
Project 17 : Chain of Responsibility Pattern
Project 18 : Mediator Pattern
Project 19 : Strategy Pattern
Project 20 : Template Method Pattern
Project 21 : Repository Pattern
Project 22 : Unit of Work
Project 23 : Lazy Loading
Project 24 : Service Layer
Project 25 : Onion Architecture

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