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Training Process For Online Mode

Brief Overview

Our online courses are live, instructor-led interactive courses that you can attend from the comfort of your home. The training environment includes the following :

  • Real time audio communication between you and the trainer (two way) over the Internet using a webinar software.
  • Real time screen sharing between you and the trainer.
  • One-to-one communication as and when needed.
  • FREE support during and after the course through private discussion forum.

Note that these are real-time, instructor-led online training courses. They are not pre-recorded videos.

Teaching Methodology

Our online courses allow you to interact with the trainer just like you would have done in a classroom training program. The difference is this interaction happens over the Internet through a webinar software. This is how a typical session is conducted :

  • The trainer arranges for the online training session and invites you to join the session.
  • You have headphone / microphone ready with you. You accept the invitation.
  • The trainer shares his computer screen with you so that you can see the presentations and code demonstrations.
  • For every topic the trainer will first explain the theory and then will write a code sample making use of what was just explained.
  • The trainer will then guide you to develop the example(s) on your machine, sharing his code as and when needed.
  • You can ask your questions or talk to the trainer using your microphone anytime during the session.